Intent to Enter


Broker transactions submitted for consideration must have occurred during 2020.
All other submissions should have been completed between July 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020.

Links to the official entry forms will be sent to the primary contact in early March. Completed submission packets will be due by April 7, 2021 (3/31/21 for early bird entry discount). Late fees will be added to submission packages received after April 7.

For questions, please contact or 440.899.0010.


Category Definitions

Architectural Design – Exterior design of a new ground-up structure at any budget, style, or discipline/market. Entries can include a single or related group of buildings or urban design.

Interior Design –The art and science of enhancing the interiors of a new building to achieve an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Exterior Renovation – Altering the exterior of a structure with a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. Updating a commercial building façade, attention to historical details, or highlighting any unique or impactful exterior alteration.

Interior Renovation – Altering the interior of a building or space with a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. May include adaptive re-use, restoration, preservation/renovation.

Development – The process of putting together a specific real estate project and overseeing property investments which produce financial growth.

Transaction – (revised) Any lease or sale transaction where one party will be a occupier.

Broker – Arranging and negotiating the buying and selling of goods or assets for commercial real estate. Individual and team entries will be judged separately.

Construction – Physical building of a new ground-up structure. Entries can include a single or related group of buildings.

Investment Transaction – (revised) Any sale, sale leaseback, or other conveyance of real  property where one party will become an owner of the property and seeks a return on investment rather than the benefits of occupancy.

Developer – Individual or company who develops commercial real estate. A minimum of two developments must be submitted for consideration in this category. Duties may include overseeing the negotiations surrounding the sale and purchase of commercial real estate, its renovation, or the acquisition of land in order to build new property buildings.

Innovation in CRE – Are you a pioneer in CRE? Are you the first or early adopter of a new and innovative; design, product, process, project or deal structure that is a leap forward for designing, developing and delivering Commercial Real Estate? (real world entries please – i.e. Cold Fusion would be rejected)

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    Please make sure all parties are aware of the intent-to-enter, as their permission may be required with the submission package. Entries for Transaction must include contact information for both brokers.
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